Thoughts from soon-to-be-former Mr. 701 Linden Avenue

I have only begun to come to terms with the fact we'll be leaving our home of nearly 6 years. We love pretty much everything about this house, Linden Avenue, Newport and the East Row. But it's time for us to move on. Our hope is that we can find another family to love it as much as we have.

The location brought us here for a look-see. But this house's charm is what hooked us. I knew we'd be making an offer by the look on my wife's face about 2 minutes after we stepped foot in the place with our realtor. I couldn't imagine the last 6 years of my life without this house. We celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary on our 9th day in this house. This is where we brought our 2 children home from the hospital. And we've made some great friends on this street.

My downtown office is slightly over 2-miles from here (easily accessibly by car, bus, bike or foot) that's allowed me to spend time with family and friend rather than in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic on the expressways. (6 different bus routes + the Southbank Shuttle service Newport, one of which--the #23--has a stop 1 block from here.) It's not just the proximity to work... no matter what we area of Greater Cincinnati our friends live, Newport just isn't that far away from it.

I also credit this house with helping me stay in shape. First off, the neighborhood is walkable. (You feel better about stuffing yourself on pasta if you walk the 6 blocks home.) For slightly longer trips, I prefer my bicycle, and our basement carriage doors make for a great bicycle garage. I have so many charted so many scenic running routes (to Great American Ballpark and back is a nice 4-miler) and Newport has its own Bob Ronker's Running Spot for all my running shoe needs. And during the grey Cincinnati winters, it's nice that there are 2 health clubs within 1.5-miles from here, so talking yourself in heading to the gym is pretty easy.

I think you'll agree this is a house you'll love to call home.

Thoughts from soon-to-be-former Mrs. 701 Linden Avenue

When we started looking for our first home, we were searching with one thing in mind – LOCATION! We wanted to be within 5 miles of downtown and Newport’s East Row Historic District was the perfect spot. Central to everything – downtown, entertainment, highways, nightlife, etc. It wasn’t until we lived here for a few months that it became abundantly clear how awesome the location actually was.

When we started thinking about having a family, we were excited to have kids while living in Newport. Our street is very family friendly, and we've made some great friends while living here. It is so nice to have neighbors that you actually call friends.

After we had our first baby, I decided to become a stay-at-home-mom and our neighborhood has made the adjustment from working woman to full-time mama an easy one. There is so much to do and mostly within walking distance.

It is great to get the now double-stroller out and walk to the Levee or across the Purple People Bridge to Sawyer Point. We have easy access to the Cincinnati charity walk circuit and participate as a family in many using our house as a meeting spot before and after the walk.

We walk to library on a weekly basis for toddler library time and the librarian is AWESOME! The kids love her and look forward to our Wednesday library adventures.

There is so much I’ll miss about Newport…but I think most of all I’ll miss Linden Avenue. It’s truly the intersection of a great house and the perfect location. I’m excited about our next adventure, but I’m even more excited to pass on the Newport experience on Linden Avenue to the next owners.